London Part II & Manchester

So later today will be taking place part II of our London reading, with readings from Shaun Belcher, Mark Burnhope, Nia Davies and Emily Hasler at The Compass, Islington, from 7.30pm. More details here.

If you happen to be in Manchester this Wednesday, don’t miss the opportunity to go to this reading!

Our readers for the evening are Shaun Belcher,Claire Trevien, Angela Topping and J.T.Welsch

Salt Modern Voices: Warwick. 27th October

Come to the Writer’s Room, Millburn House, Warwick University, on 27th October at 7pm for a night of poetry and fiction with readings from Robert Graham, Emily Hasler, Adrian Slatcher and Claire Trevien.

The event is Bring Your Own Booze, so whether you like ginger beer or G&T, rock up with your favourite tipple and listen to some exciting new writing from four of our pamphleteers!


‘Portrait of the Poet as a Vase of Paper Flowers’ by Mark Burnhope

Portrait of the Poet as a Vase of Paper Flowers

Within seconds of being
inside that Oxonian book shop
he became a portrait: Poet
as a Vase of Paper Flowers,
Hydra with a discarded stanza
wrapped around each head-held-high,
not flailing, knowing her time

is nigh. Alas, he wasn’t privy
to the transformation
at the time — hidden behind
the textual foliage, arms crossed
like threads in a metaphysical conceit
(about Satan the Serpent, or summat,
coiled in the compartments of a bento).

But the camera
still clicked, the flower buds
still stood to attention
and their letters, words, lines
and forms bloomed
in the absence of even a bee,
among so many bookworms.

Mark Burnhope

Salt Modern Voices: Oxford

A few quick pictures from our first UK Salt Modern Voices event at the Albion Beatnik Bookshop. The event featured readings from Shaun Belcher, Mark Burnhope, Emily Hasler and Claire Trevien.

Mark Burnhope reading from The Snowboy







Shaun Belcher








Mark Burnhope







Portrait of the Poet as a Vase of Paper Flowers




Off the beaten track

I would just like to draw attention to two readings involving Salt Modern Voices authors in about a week’s time:

See you there!

Salt Modern Voices: Oxford

At last, Salt Modern Voices makes its UK debut & the festivities begin in Oxford with Shaun Belcher, Mark Burnhope, Emily Hasler and Claire Trevien. We will be reading at the Albion Beatnik Bookshop from 7pm, do come and say hi.

As a taster, you will find below a choice quote on each of the four poets, come to hear us if you like what you read.

Shaun Belcher: “Belcher cannot be accused of nostalgia or pastoral myth-making but is as vituperative in tone as Larkin. — Raymond Friel

Mark Burnhope: “This debut pamphlet introduces a serious and playful, tender and ironic, strong and coherent new voice. A definite talent to watch.”  — Andrew Philip

Emily Hasler: “Hasler has real gifts: her observations are sharp, her language is crisp, and her music is beguiling.” — Paul Batchelor

Claire Trevien: “This is fresh, exuberant, intellectually serious poetry, enriched by a French passport and a French library”   Katy Evans-Bush

Interview 2: Interview with Lee Smith

Lee Smith

In the second interview, questions from Claire Trevien, Mark Burnhope and Adrian Slatcher have been asked of Lee Smith, whose collection “Away from the City” was No.1 in the Salt Modern Voices series. Growing out of an exhibition of photography and poetry, the collection explores not just connections between written and visual arts, and also the two cities, Melbourne and Cambridge, where he has lived, and where the poems were written.

Read the interview on Adrian’s blog here.