SMV Profile: Robert Graham, A Man Walks Into A Kitchen

In mid-60s Belfast, Eddie Francey is a young comedian trying to get a break. He wonders if he has what it takes, but he has responsibilities: a wife and young son. This is the point when an explosive passion for another woman, who could not be more off-limits, overtakes him. The last thing he needs at the moment is to fall for the last woman on earth he ought to fall for.

Robert Graham is the co-author, with Keith Baty, of Elvis – The Novel (The Do-Not Press, 1997). His short stories have appeared in a variety of magazines and anthologies and on Radio 4. His first novel, Holy Joe, was published by Troubador in 2006.  Salt published his short story collection, The Only Living Boy, in July 2009 and his chapbook, A Man Walks Into A Kitchen, in 2011. He teaches Creative Writing at MMU’s Cheshire Faculty.

Praise for Holy Joe

‘There are some lovely touches of humour throughout the book and music and film buffs will appreciate the references to iconic classics.  A really entertaining novel.’


‘Robert Graham’s portrayal of a man living through the worst of experiences is witty and incredibly touching.’

‘Funny and tragic all at the same time, wittily and sharply observed, it makes for excellent, entertaining reading.’

UC Magazine

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