• Manchester. Shaun Belcher, Angela Topping, Claire Trévien, and JT Welsch read at The International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester on 30 November 2011 from 18h30.
  • Nottingham. Shaun Belcher, Emily Hasler, Adrian Slatcher and JT Welsch read the Flying Goose as part of the Nottingham Poetry Series, on 13 December 2011 from 19h30. Open mic slots. For further details of the series see here.
Past Readings
  • Paris. JT Welsch and Claire Trévien read at Culture Rapide in Belleville on 21 July 2011 from 19h30, followed by a Jam Blues.
  • Oxford. Shaun Belcher, Mark Burnhope, Emily Hasler and Claire Trevien read at the Albion Beatnik Bookshop on 24 October 2011.
  • Warwick. Emily Hasler, Adrian Slatcher and Claire Trévien read at The Writer’s Room, Warwick University on 27 October 2011 from 19h00. UPDATE Robert Graham who was originally advertised as part of this reading has regrettably had to cancel.
  • London. Adrian Slatcher, Lee Smith, Claire Trevien and JT Welsch read at The Compass, Islington, on 14th November.
  • <li><strong>London. </strong>Shaun Belcher, Mark Burnhope, Nia Davies and Emily Hasler read a The Compass, Islington on 28th November 2011.</li>

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