Mark Burnhope – The Snowboy

Mark Burnhope’s poems peer out over disability, faith and prejudice. They visit town and sea, husband and wife, monuments to grief built of snow, steel, stone. They take us to a talking tree and an outcast crew including Pinocchio, Queequeg and Quasimodo. But at their heart, there is great warmth.

“This debut pamphlet introduces a serious and playful, tender and ironic, strong and coherent new voice. A definite talent to watch.”  — Andrew Philip

“Burnhope speaks movingly of human weakness and physical frailty, of strength and lightness of spirit” — Helen Ivory

“The poems (which are machines themselves, we’ve been told) shake with the joy and frustration of living. — Tony Williams


Mark Burnhope was born in 1982 and studied at London School of Theology before completing an MA in Creative Writing at Brunel University. His work has appeared in a variety of print and online publications. He currently lives and writes in Bournemouth, Dorset with his partner, four stepchildren, two geckos and a greyhound. This is his first book of poetry.

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