Lee Smith – Away from the City

away from the cityFrom the daily commuter routine, to a struggling father’s anguish, Away from the City captures images that so often become buried beneath the hectic consciousness of the city. 

Away from the City
 is an evocative collection of poems and photographs that observe the inhabitants of two cities on opposite sides of the world.

Set in Melbourne and Cambridge, these poems place you on each city’s trains, buses and footpaths, witnessing the everyday interactions that embody urban life.

This innovative series is an exploration of the relationship between poetry, photography and place. These simple, everyday images transport you to the heart of each city to observe its inhabitants for yourself.

“The sequences are full of small subtle links, like graphic matches transformed to words.” — Stride Magazine

“This elegant pamphlet announces the arrival of a poet with a fine ear, a sharp eye and a generous heart.” — Andrew Philip

“Like all good poems they refuse to see the everyday as mundane but make it something other.” — Andrea Porter

Lee SmithLee Smith is a poet, publisher and digital editor. He lives near Cambridge, but also spends a lot of time in Melbourne, Australia, a city that continues to entice his curiosity.

He has been production manager of Salt Publishing, edited for Forest Publications, and is currently publishing controller of Windhorse Publications. He also takes photographs of people, cities, windows, and is around 26 years old.

His website is www.leesmithwriter.com

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